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hawaii island official travel site find vacation travel - the island of hawaii is the youngest and largest island in the hawaiian chain nearly twice as big as all of the other hawaiian islands combined hence its nickname big island its sheer size is awe inspiring, hawaii island guide to the big island of hawaii hawaii com - the hawaii island also known as the big island is the largest of the island chain as self explanatory as it is stunning the big island boasts some of hawaii s most varying landscape, the big island of hawaii our favorite activities beaches - the 200 381 inhabitants of the big island which is only 14 of the total population of the state of hawaii 2017 census mostly live in and around the two large population centers in the island hilo the capital on the east coast and kona on the west coast, hawaii the big island travel guide u s news travel - in hawaii the big island is like the sometimes awkward older sibling forgotten in favor of adorable little brothers and sisters her attributes are often glossed over maui is for fun and, big island hawaii travel guide hawaii guide - home to two of the world s greatest mountains one of the world s most active volcanoes 11 of the world s 13 climate zones hawaii s greatest king and the wettest city in the united states the big island of hawaii is an island like no other