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james baldwin collected essays library of america - save 26 when you buy all three james baldwin volumes james baldwin was a uniquely prophetic voice in american letters his brilliant and provocative essays made him the literary voice of the civil rights era and they continue to speak with powerful urgency to us today whether in the swirling debate over the black lives matter movement or in the words of raoul peck s documentary i am, james baldwin biography life children name school - james arthur baldwin the son of berdis jones baldwin and the stepson of david baldwin was born in harlem new york city on august 2 1924 he was the oldest of nine children and from an early age loved to read his father was a preacher in the pentecostal church and at the age of fourteen, african american literature the advent of urban realism - dust jacket for the 1961 dial press first edition of james baldwin s nobody knows my name used by permission of doubleday a division of random house inc between the covers rare books merchantville nj, powell s books the world s largest independent bookstore - 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